Hello, this blog is a repository of random memories, mostly food related. ūüôā my main blog is at http://talaatgunita.blogspot.com¬† I am a young wife, and even a “younger cook” as I only managed to experiment in the kitchen a few years ago, when I started living independently. My grandmother and mama are both good cooks, and I hope I can be half as good as them in the kitchen.

bon courage¬†is my favorite French phrase. I picked it up when my graduate school thesis advisor (who’s French) would¬†always tell me this. Literally, “good heart” but it basically means “take heart” or “have courage” as opposed to¬†bonne chance which means “good luck”.

It’s as if doing wishing somebody¬†bon courage meant that they whatever they are doing, whatever the outcome, we should have some heart.

And don’t we all need a little¬†bon courage in our way? xx