Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Tea

A close friend who went to Japan gave me a box of Sakura Tea or Cherry Blossom Tea. It’s in a box with 6 sachets. The ingredients include pickled cherry blossom and cherry leaves essence.

When I opened the teabag, I did not expect an actual cherry blossom to be inside. I was thinking of dried flowers… but lo and behold, there was a flower and some syrup out of the sachet. I poured it on my teacup, added some water,







my tea is!


Isn’t it a beauty? It looks so fairy-like for me. Floating cherry blossoms on my tea. They look so fragile and so delicate. What a beaut.

So I did a bit of googling, and it is called Sakurayu and the flowers are pickled in plum vinegar and salt, then dried.


As for the taste, well to be honest it tasted sweet and that is all I taste in this tea. Maybe I should give it another go but there was nothing unique about the taste. It is interesting to look at though!


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