Dahon ng Ampalaya


I accidentally bought dahon ng Ampalaya or the leaves of bitter gourd last Saturday at UP Shopping Center. I was actually thinking about camote tops, but I don’t know why I said dahon ng ampalaya. I realized it a little too late, when we were already kilometers away from the market haha.

I have never bought nor tried cooking dahon ng ampalaya so I scoured my brain for the times I actually had this. Then I remembered my mama who used to add a lot of dahon ng ampalaya to our monggo. So I reminded my husband to buy monggo when we go to Landers for grocery.


Of course we both forgot about it, and remembered that we forgot when we were already home. #maritalfail haha. Thinking what to do with the leaves, I just decided to make a calabasa soup with the dahon ng ampalaya. Just sauteed garlic, onion add calabasa. Then add vegetable broth. Let the calabasa soften. Lastly add the leaves but let the lid open. My Ilocano husband loves it.


I decided to fry some smoked bangus (Tinapang bangus) too as I think they are perfect for each other and for rainy night.

fish 1


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