Sunday Lunch

I am still alive but very very busy from moving from one country to another. I am back in Spain but will be in France next week. Weekdays are spent working on my thesis and weekends.. I don’t know where they went. Today is an exception though, as last night my right eye suddenly had an “aural” vision. And no, this is not something supernatural, but it’s a sign of an impending migraine. And yes, I got a migraine from hell an hour later. Barely slept. This morning I had the migraine hangover, and my head is still throbbing. So no work for me today, which means I have time to write something! I want to share my recipe of last Sunday’s lunch in our flat.


Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus, with a side of baked potatoes and tomato salad


Given that I’m cooking just for me and my flatmate, this is something very easy and fast to prepare but nevertheless still very tasty. First thing I did was cut the potatoes in chips, put a meager amount of olive oil and sprinkled with pepper and baked it for 45 minutes in 150º C. (I use Celsius because it is logical.) While the potatoes are baking, I put 4-5 stalks of asparagus, drizzled a bit of olive oil, and wrapped them in bacon. After 45 minutes of baking the potatoes, I placed the bacon wrapped asparagus on top and put them again in the oven for another 20 minutes. Low heat, slow cooking is always the best method of me as it extracts the natural juices. And then while waiting for it, I just sliced some tomatoes, put basil (fresh leaves are better but we don’t have at home so I just used the dried ones) and put some parmigiano cubes. Fresh mozarella or feta would be perfect but we also don’t have any at home, and parmigiano is the better option versus the other types of cheese we have at home atm (edam, maasdam, goat, and roquefort). Yes I love cheese.

Served this meal with a glass of cold lemon-ginger-mint water, et voila! A nice refreshing Sunday lunch 🙂


note: this was posted before in 2013 on my old (now private) blog.

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