Creamy Spinach, Crispy Bacon

My current life status is pretty constant, meaning no field works foreseen in the near future, meaning I can stay at home and cook. 🙂

Here’s my old time easypeasy favorite pasta meal. It’s so good and so cheap too! I discovered this recipe when my Dutch room mate in Germany decided to have spinach, and she made it. I feel in love with the creaminess of the sauce and the salty crispy texture of the bacon. It was true love.

spinach pasta

Creamy Spinach and Crispy Bacon Pasta

What you need:
Bacon or Pancetta, Spinach (frozen or fresh), Creme fraiche, tons of cheese, rotini pasta

What to do:
Since we used frozen spinach for this, thaw the frozen spinach, saute with garlic, add creme fraice and cheese, and seasonings too. Fry bacon to a crisp, using its own fat as oil. Set aside. Boil the rotini pasta according to your preference.

Serve hot!


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